Crystal Animator™

Crystal Animator™

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Ready-to-assemble Crystal Animator™
Plastic straw handle
12 full-color animation strips
6 "Draw Your Own" strips

Build Your Own All-Paper Crystal Animator™

Drop in one of the 18 animation strips, look in the mirror of your Crystal Animator™, and rotate the handle between your palms. You won't believe your eyes! Reflected yellow giraffes come to life and gallop across the desert, blue dolphins leap and splash in the ocean, and monkeys swing from vine to vine. The animation is breathtakingly crisp, clear, and realistic!

Since its invention almost 150 years ago, this elegant optical toy has traditionally been built from costly, precisely angled glass or plastic mirrors. But our Crystal Animator™ is made from sturdy mirrored paper and works just as well or better. Now everyone can build and enjoy the greatest motion picture toy of all!

Change the animation strips as often as you like. Each one is more exciting than the last. You can even draw your own animations! Simply trace over the pro- vided stick figures or start from scratch.

The five pre-cut mirrored parts assemble in minutes. Easy-to-follow pictures tell you how. No scissors, tape or glue are required. You can visit our YouTube page for an instructional video too!

Birthday party soon? The Crystal Animator™ is an irresistible party favor!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.