Make-Your-Own Movie Strips


FREE to all eyeMo owners!

Instantly turn your own videos or drawings into an eyeMo™ Movie Strip HERE! (home printer, paper and scissors required)

Instructions for Creating your own Movie Strips

Drag and drop either a brief video, or upload eighteen of your own drawings to instantly create your own eyeMo™ movie strip in digital form.

Be prepared to wait- it may take a few seconds or a minute to render.

When its rendered click on the PDF. Print it out on your home printer. When doing so be sure you have you printer set on highest quality and also that it's set to print at ACTUAL SIZE. Cut it out with a pair of scissors carefully. Now drop the strip into your eyeMo™ and look. Presto! You’ve created your own mini movie!

Option 1: Create Movie Strips with your own Video


  • Short videos work best, between two and four seconds long.
  • File types - Mp4, .mov or .3gp
  • File size should be under 12 MB.

Please select a file to upload:

Option 2: Create Movie Strips with your own Drawings


  • You need 18 total drawings.
  • Each image has to be a square that has 200 pixels per side.
  • Be sure to name your 18 files in sequential order like this:
    • frame01.jpg is the first frame
    • frame02.jpg is the second frame
    • frame03.jpg is the third frame
    • all the way up to frame18.jpg for the last frame

Drag-n-Drop 18 JPG still frames

[Drag your 18 JPG Files HERE.]