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Package Includes:
One Mirrored Turntable
Ten Bendy Figures
Easy-to-follow Instructions


Get ready to play with the coolest animation toy on the planet!

Just pose each of the ten bendy figures a little differently. Then spin the turntable and look into the magic mirror. The reflection instantly comes to life and MOVES!

Make the figures run. Make them jump. Make them do anything you want!

Easy-to-follow visual guides get you started. Before you know it, you'll be creating BusyBody animations of your own! 

Tough, durable rubber figures can be bent into new positions over and over again. The mirrored turntable is made of high quality plastic (there's no glass). 

No apps, batteries, or electronics. Just hour and hours of CREATIVE FUN!

We have created a tip sheet with more information. Download and print the PDF.